You are no Buddhist! You are no Chi Sim Successor!


There is something fishy and toxic about this Andreas Hoffmann from Bamburg, Germany. He betrayed his Sigung and Sifu and ex girlfriend and defrauds his students! It’s well known and established he is not a recognized master, grandmaster, or representative of Chi Sim as far as the real Chi Sim Weng Chun families in Asia are concerned yet he continues to deceive the citizens of Germany. This phony robbed his teacher for a free lunch in kung fu. You can read this link for some of the communal dammage he has done:;wap2


#1. Balance due! Pay up Andreas Hoffman! Your Sifu is waiting…

 Ving Dragon & Sifu Cheng Kwong Interview part 1

Based on the words of his direct Sifu Cheng Kwong, Hoffmann never paid for his training. In the interview footage, Cheng states that Andreas Hoffmann never paid for his learning, never paid for food, or shelter during his visits to his Sifu. This means Hoffmann robbed his Sifu of kung fu knowledge and lied to the people in Germany and the whole world about his credentials! Hoffmann is so greedy he charges 50,000 for the Weng Chun pole form yet he is such a cheapskate he would not even pay his Sifu??? So it came down to him telling the world on video that Andreas Hoffmann still owes him his dues!

 Ving Dragon & Sifu Cheng Kwong Interview part 2

In these interviews Cheng Kwong says that Hoffmann learned his dummy form from watching his video only. How interesting is that Kenneth Lin’s teacher and sihing both stated that Lin also learned his Wing Chun from Benny Meng’s videos! Coincidence? Hoffmann and Lin are both self-taught video Sifus selling what they mimic from videos to the public at high cost rates.

#2. Falsified background! You tricked your Grandmaster Wai Yan and Master Cheng Kwong!!!

Is Andreas Hoffman a certified Weng Chun Grandmaster by Wai Yan? Nope, sorry the truth is because GM Wai Yan and GM Cheng Kwong do not read English that Hoffmann tricked them into signing a paper he said was to authorize him to teach but it was a paper saying he was the next successor! He lied to his Sigung and Sifu for his own gain! He lied to the public at large stating he is a grandmaster, yet no one in the Chi Sim lineage in Hong Kong ever recognized his self-appointed status as a Chi Sim gm in any form or shape! All the video interviews presented by Maria Grothe, Ving Dragon, n Sergio Iadarola, all point to one glaring and irrefutable fact: Andreas Hoffman is a big liar, a fraud, and a fake. He was never appointed as successor by GM Wai Yan nor GM Pak Cheung!

And oh my does this sound ever so familiar?

  1. Student takes advantage of his teacher’s language barriers to further his own career by either:
    1. Tricking them into signing a forged document in a language they can’t read.
    2. Having them agree to go along with the charade to cheat others.
  2. Then, once the scam is discovered/revealed student then burns all bridges publicly by covering their tracks with more lies thus throwing his teacher under the bus to save his own skin.
  3. Finally, student continues to live a lie scamming the public with fake certifications and self-proclaimed titles while lining his bank account with people’s hard earned money.

History apparently repeats itself. Both Andreas Hoffman and Kenneth Lin have so much in common! They both leveraged their teachers’ language barriers and statuses for their personal gain. Tio Tek Kwie willingly falsified Lin’s forgery. Wai Yan and Cheng Kwong took Hoffmann at his word. Both Tio Tek Kwie and Cheng Kwong renounced and rejected their students in public for causing damage to the community, their lineage arts, dishonoring their Sifus and ancestors, lying to everyone above and below them. These two have demonstrated to the world they cannot be trusted. They are in business to sell what they have either made-up or stolen from their teachers. They want people to focus on their skills instead of their lies, when the real point is they only have black market illegitimate kung fu! Their Sifu’s have spoken out against them for dishonoring what real martial artists value: the code of the warrior! They are not warriors, just crooks with something to prove.

 Sifu Sergio presents Sifu Cheng Kwong Interview part 2

#3. No honor among thieves! Beware of these Bandit Rejects!

 IMPOSTERSTHEIVESLIARS Decent people have little to no tolerance for dishonesty. Andreas Hoffman is not an honest person. His image to be portrayed as sincere is anything but… Just look at how he attacked Sergio. He sent a private letter to Kenneth Lin to air some dirt about Sergio. It was supposed to be in confidence between Hoffman and Lin. Despite these 2 snakes having Sergio as a common enemy, Lin didn’t care about keeping it secret so he double crossed Andreas to air the dirt on Sergio to save his own skin! What??? It’s a double crossed snake salesmen syndrome between these 2 scumbags. They both have so much hatred toward Sergio who exposed both of their lies to the public! Their black hearts want revenge to hurt Sergio and other people as well for their own self-righteous gain.

What is more incredible is even after Lin double cross Andreas by airing private letter to public, Hoffman still pursue Lin here in 2013!!! Only reason is promise of money must be so desperate.

The fact is these two smell like each other. They are both rejected and revealed for their lies by their own Sifus. They are both impostors, self proclaimed grandmasters, with no true certifications and deny their past. They exist to make you believe in their lies so they can feel valued. They want you to believe in them, and they want YOU to pay for their lies.

#4. A Wolf in Monk’s Clothing!

Many people know Hoffman is not genuine, I can tell you that. He lied and cheated on his close (now former) student Maria Grothe. He betrayed her by going outside the relationship and having a baby with another woman! He’s a cheating tom and not a true Buddha believer.

Sifu Maria Grothe Interview with Cheng Kwong part 1

Sifu Maria Grothe Interview with Cheng Kwong part 2

Sifu Maria Grothe Interview with Cheng Kwong part 3

So Hoffman, just a few words for you. A guy like you and what you have done really goes against all these Buddha teachings, so please don’t ever talk about Buddhism and temples in public in order to sell your dishonest art. You are a disgrace to the art of Chi Sim, your Sifu Cheng, your Sigung Wai Yan, and everyone who is funding your lies. You are also a liar and cheater for betraying Maria Grothe and the trust of all those students. You are not a man of integrity you are living a lie! Therefore, please take off that mask and apologize to Buddha. Pay back the money you owe your Sifu, and return the money you collected from your students based on grounds of your falsified status of being a certified Chi Sim grandmaster! The community will accept your surrender once you give up this living lie.

And to Kenneth Lin who also shares in this masquerade. Relinquish your fake Taoist illusion.


You are no saint. You are no monk. You are not from Shaolin! You are nothing but a wolf in monk’s clothing!


One thought on “You are no Buddhist! You are no Chi Sim Successor!

  1. Allow me to say something for Hoffmann. Although I am not in total agreement with what he is teaching, I did coach him for some time, starting early 1990’s. We met a few times in the few years to follow. I also gave him the valuable vidoes of Tang Yik and he was the first one to receive these videos outside of myself and Kwong Chak Cheung Si Hing, who died sadly in a car accident in Toronto. This might not be of relevance, as I am now classified as a Mr. Nobody who knows little about Tang Yik’s art and only incidentally got a surname of Tang. Also, I might not have the necessary genes from the Tang family to understand the Tang family arts, although I started to learn from the Great Master in 1968!!!!

    By the way, Hoffmann did not pay me any money, although he did suggested to share the profit from the Bamberg seminar some years ago ang I turned down as I did not pay any tuition fee to Tang Yik when I learnt. Hoffmann did book me into a great hotel in Bamberg and I came to know some good people.

    Michael Tang

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